MDX-R3 is Here!!!

Paramount is proud to announce the availability of our newest debris drain innovation, MDX-R3. 

Click here for our IAPMO compliance certificate for ASME A112.19.8-2007 and VGB.

MDX-R3 has a listed flow rate of 132 GPM, and is round in design.  It offers versions for Concrete (Adjustable and non-adjustable), Vinyl and Fiberglass. 

MDX-R3 retains and exceeds the capability of it’s MDX predecessors at debris removal while offering its safest and most appealing design yet. 

Authorized Dealers…Please contact our Customer Service team at 800-621-5886 for pricing (same as MDX2)and part number information…AND TO PLACE YOUR FIRST ORDER TODAY!!!

Paramount Dealers, Click here to view a brief Powerpoint Presentation about MDX-R3.  (For Authorized Dealers only, Password required).

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7 Responses to MDX-R3 is Here!!!

  1. Brett says:

    Very excited about the new product!

  2. Woodberg says:

    How does this compare to the MDX2. I currently have the MDX2 in my pool and it seems to have trouble with large leaves. Is the MDX-R3 better at debris removal and if so, can my pool be retrofitted?

  3. kurtatparamount says:

    The MDXR3 is a new drain design that is not retrofit capable with MDX2. Retrofit was not possible because the goal of the new MDXR3 drain was to provide a higher listed flow rating according to VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker Act) standards, which required redesigning the sump underneath the cover. For this reason, an MDXR3 cannot fit on the sump of the MDX2 that is already in your pool.

  4. Jorge Agrelo says:

    Is there any Online Store selling the Paramount MDX-R3 Drain?, I can’t find anyone on Internet selling it

  5. kurtatparamount says:

    MDX-R3 is only available through an authorized Paramount dealer.

  6. Randy in Spring TX says:

    How strong should the flow on the R3 suck a leaf into the drain? My R3 seems to have leaves floating around the opening and they just slowly are sucked to the drain bag. Sometimes a leave that should be sucked into the abyss will escape from the drain.

  7. kurtatparamount says:

    The degree to which the MdXR3 drain can attract debris will depend on the operating speed of the pump, the cleanliness of the filter, and what percentage of total pump suction you have allocated to the MDXR3 drain. For maximum effectiveness, your pump should be operating at a high speed (if a variable speed pump), your filter needs to be properly maintained for cleanliness to ensure your system flows freely, and your suction lines should be adjusted to ensure 60-70 percent of the filter pump suction is allocated to the MDXR3 drain system.

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