SPECIAL: Make MVFuse a Standard component with Every Debris Canister for under $40!


Offer your clients the peace of mind of knowing their new pool has that the latest in anti-antrapment protection with Paramount’s MVFuse Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS).

We’ve greatly reduced the price to include MVFuse in every Debris Canister you install.  For less than $40 more than a standard Debris Canister, you can provide that added peace of mind that comes with a listed SVRS on every MDX2 or MDXR3 installation. 

MV Fuse is available in both an “in the deck” version as well as a retrofit or new installation version that is included with our debris canister (ADR).

The most cost-effective SVRS available for the Pool Industry, Paramount has now made it simple and affordable for every pool you build to include this valuable protection against suction entrapment. 

PEACE OF MIND CAN BE AUTOMATICParamount’s MVFUSE, the only listed magnetic Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS), takes pool and spa safety to the next level with an additional layer of anti-entrapment protection.  This patented MVFUSE technology eliminates the danger of body entrapment with its automatic suction release, giving pool and spa owners the peace of mind that their loved ones are safer.Designed to operate pool and spa-side, which is closer to the point of suction than other SVRSs, the MVFUSE is more sensitive and responds quicker, cutting down on precious seconds lost by other systems waiting to engage.  The MVFUSE has no electrical connections to short out and no mechanical devices to fail, which means it will work every time.

Paramount’s MVFUSE is available as an option in new debris canisters and can be retrofitted to existing canisters, allowing for a simple and affordable safety upgrade.   Paramount’s Deck-Side MVFUSE is designed to address any pool and spa suction need whenever the use of an SVRS is required or desired for an additional layer of safety.
  • Located close to drain for more sensitivity and quicker response
  • Patented design protects pump seals and won’t cause burn out
  • No mechanical devices to fail
  • Easy to Reset
  • Compliance for IBC and IRC codes
  • Length of pump plumbing has no effect on mvfuse reaction time
  • No electrical connections to short out
  • Plumbed at water level no force at suction outlet when tripped
  • Lowest cost and most effective option
  • Compliant to Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act for commercial/residential pools and spas
  • Dirty skimmer has no effect on operation
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