Paramount’s New Venturi Skimmer: The best way to maximize your skimmer’s effectiveness with less energy!

Introducing the latest enhancement to operating your customer’s pools with today’s variable speed pumps without sacrificing the critical operation of their skimmers…Paramount’s Venturi Skimmer!

MORE POWER. SAME ENERGY.The Venturi Skimmer carries the latest in high-tech features and energy saving design to make this the ultimate pool skimmer! The Venturi Skimmer allows for twice the cleaning power over standard skimmers because it literally doubles the skimming action. Perfect for in-floor cleaning systems, it’s the best skimmer available for low flow variable speed or 2-speed pumps.


Combine the effectiveness of Paramount’s MDXR3 Debris Removing Safety Drain and Debris Containment Canister with the efficiency of Paramount’s New Venturi Skimmer, and you now have the most capable debris removing system for pools utilizing Variable Speed or Two Speed pumps, whether with a Paramount Infloor cleaning system or other conventional cleaner. 


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