Paramount Pool and Spa Systems Announces Acquisition of Trident UV!

trident_topTridentUVII  Press release from September 13, 2013:

Paramount Pool and Spa Systems, the leader in In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems, continues its commitment to simplifying pool life with the acquisition of the Trident Ultraviolet Corporation, a U.S. based manufacturer of pool and spa UV water sanitation products. Trident’s products have a strong market share, serving the U.S. and International markets for nearly eight years. Following the success of Paramount’s ClearO3 Ozone Sanitation System, Paramount believes this acquisition further strengthens its already solid water sanitation product line.

“We are very excited about entering the UV water sanitizing category knowing there is a strong demand for it. We believe healthy and eco-friendly water sanitation is Paramount in morecarefree pool ownership and the UV category fits that bill perfectly.Acquiring Trident UV made perfect sense.”

Buzz Ghiz, Owner of Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

“The partnership with Paramount is ideal. We’ve developed a great product and know Paramount will take it to the next level.”

Gary Rochelle, Owner of Trident Ultraviolet Corporation

Paramount’s family of UV water sanitizers are available in multiple configurations to meet the need of any pool or spa application.

Learn more about this exciting new product offering from Paramount by visiting:

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