Paramount Acquires Twirlybyrd Spa Jets and Airbar Underwater Bubble Feature


Paramount is very excited to announce the acquisition of Twirlybyrd and Airbar Pool and Spa Jets and fittings.  According to Paramount’s President, Buzz Ghiz, “I’m very excited about this category. I think it’s a perfect fit with the rest of our specialty products.”.

Regarded as one of the easiest and most effective ways of incorporating true hydrotherapy to any concrete spa, Twirlybyrd will change the way you build spas for the better.

Twirlybyrd is an interchangeable pool and spa fitting system that allows you to customize jet configurations, massage sensations, and hydrotherapy effects. With a simple twist, go from a deep tissue massage to a smooth , soft stream, and anything in between.

The Deep Tissue

The Deep Tissue faceplate delivers a concentrated, knot-busting, muscle massage and is considered the strongest sensation in the Twirlybyrd line. It is a gives off a straight shot of water and air and is perfect for hitting trigger points that cause muscle strain and stiffness.


The Shiatsu faceplate is dynamic and active. It gives a wide-rolling, tension-relieving massage and still delivers a firm sensation but moves into a softer massage than an acute Deep Tissue faceplate would. The Shiatsu massage will feel closely like a deep sports massage.


It distributes a pulsating, muscle-renewing massage. This faceplate is fantastic. It is slightly softer than the Shiatsu faceplate. The Pulsating massage will feel most closely like a smooth vibrating massage.

Soft Stream

Disperses a gentle, even-flow, relaxing massage. Although the Soft Stream is our most moderate faceplate, sitting behind it can be very mellow and soothing. It is a series of individual streams of water and air mixing to give a very relaxing massage. The Soft Stream massage will feel most closely like a soft tickling massage.


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