It’s a Skimmer Revolution: Paramount’s New ParaskimV Has Arrived

The most important development in Skimmer Technology is here…Paramount’s New ParaskimV!!!

 This new ParaskimV Venturi Skimmer is the ultimate solution to skimmer performance for both standard or variable speed pumps!

 Click on the image below to see everything ParaskimV has to offer:


ParaskimV uses a small amount of return flow from your circulation pump to create highly efficient and effective skimmer function that:

  • Allows for up to 600% efficiency, by utilizing as little as 5 gpm of return flow to create more than 30 gpm of skimmer weir flow.
  • When combined with a Paramount Infloor Cleaning System, ParaskimV allows for 100% of the pool suction to be dedicated to the MDXR3 debris drain for maximum effectiveness without taking any flow away from skimmers, which operate more efficiently using Venturi technology.
  • Can turn 50 gpm of circulation into 110-120 gpm of debris removing capability in a pool (with 2 ParaskimV’s and an MDXR3 Debris Safety Drain)
  • Eliminates Circulation Pump problems caused by overfull skimmer baskets and low pool water levels
  • Offers up to 3 times the debris capacity of a standard skimmer
  • Can be plumbed for suction as well and allow for easy access to suction ports for pool vacuuming
  • …and much more!


1. ParaskimV produces 30% more skimming activity at higher pump speeds it delivers 70 gpm output at 8-10 gpm delivered to the skimmer venturi nozzle and 70% more skimming activity at lower speeds, delivering 50 gpm output with as little as 4-6 gpm delivered to the skimmer venturi nozzle. The venturi nozzle is easy to remove and reinstall
2. Offset design allows for connecting vacuum hose without having to remove venturi nozzle.
3. Interior vacuum relief designed into housing vs bolted on outside & high relief point to avoid blockage and to add safety.
4. Notched ring for all deck thicknesses. Allows for full open inside skimmer throat.

5. Works with Pour-A-Lid™ and paver decks.
6. Largest overflow port on the market 1 1/2″or 2″ vs competitions’ 3/4″ to 1″. Easier to plumb with less risk of air lock.
7. Return guard reduces turbulence and adds an additional layer of protection.
8. A newly designed weir door for better water flow and less potential for debris to be trapped in the door.
9. Stop tabs are incorporated in door vs on skimmer body.
10. Allows for connection of a Paramount Clear O3 Ozone System for direct injection to the pool.

How does it work? Click on the video below to see…


Here’s our new, and very important, skimmer installation video for ParaskimV…please review by clicking on the video:



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