Drawing Request Forms

Below are links to download the drawing coversheets which need to be completed when Authorized Paramount Dealers submit pool plans to our CAD department for laying out one of our infloor cleaning systems.

If you are already a licensed, authrorized Paramount dealer, please click on the link for your respective system below.  These files are in PDF (adobe) format.  If you prefer the Excel formatted coversheets, please go to our website, www.1paramount.com, and chose “Our Products” link at the top, then click on your licensed system, where you’ll find the link to download the file on the right side of the page.

If you are not already an authorized Paramount dealer, and would like to submit a new pool plan for layout of one of our infloor cleaning systems, please contact me immediately at 817-657-5775, or email me at kurtd@1paramount.com so we can discuss what we need to get you going with Paramount.





7 Responses to Drawing Request Forms

  1. Q What makes me want to go to a web site
    A Not much except to look up information or contact

    Q what makes me want to go to a blog
    A I dont even know what the h_ll a bog is.

    Q Where can I get new info, tech stuff, pictures of fellow builders and their offices, show rooms, inventory systems, PV3, LC, niagra, equipment, gunite, all phases with all vendor products in field installations.
    A Maybe some day on Kurts blog?

  2. kurtatparamount says:

    You got it Rodney. Thanks for your input and support! I’ll make sure we hit all of those items on your list in coming posts.

  3. Did I say all those things above? Must have been a heck of a party.

    Hey Kurt, in the spirit of self improvement, it would be a nice touch if the pictures you provide would enlarge so we could sit normal in our chair and look at the picture. For example, I saw Junior leaning forward in his chair with his nose 6″ from the computer screen trying to look at Debbie and Dan’s Pool. When I asked why he was doing that he said the picture was to small for him to see the cracks in the pool and if there really was a Paramount floor system in it?
    Details are important and helping old guys like Junior provides social benefit to society.
    Just think about it, ok?

    Think about it, ok?

  4. kurtatparamount says:

    Thanks for the input Rodney. I have added a link to view an expanded picture of the featured pool. I will work on other pictures to make them expandable also.

  5. Where do I find basic information about adjusting the jets.
    I just opened my pool and it’s not cleaning like it did last year?
    Any tips would be great.

  6. Gordon says:

    My system has two 6 port valves that operate two separate “zones” one for the shallow beach entry area and the other handles the deeper areas of the pool, I have been having problems with the module the operates the pop up heads in the shallow area. This module has three of the ports piped together with the center port being the only one that has a open pipe going to the pool return,(the other two pipes are capped off on the base of the valve)I am assuming this is to give that set of nozzles a longer run time, but anyway the problem is the module will operate properly for one cycle and then gets hung up in about the same place every time and stays there, sometimes for days. When it gets hung up (stuck) it is always in a position where none of the nozzles fed by this module are operating at all. The spring loaded or vacuum assisted valves that protrude from the bottom of the module to let water flow to the pipe all spring back in the closed position (when pulled open manually) except one. Is this the cause of the problem? If not what is causing the module to malfunction.



  7. kurtatparamount says:


    I’m not sure which type of system you have or who installed, but there are a couple of things you’ll need to look into. First, check to make sure the pressure going into the valve is adequate to operate the valve properly. If the nozzle sizing is per our engineering specifications, then each zone needs to operate at a minimum of 15 lbs of pressure to ensure that it rotates properly and provides an adequate flow for the nozzles to clean their respective area. If your cleaning system operates off of the filtration pump, then you’ll also want to make sure your filter is clean to ensure the best flow possible.

    If after checking those items, the valve module still has a piston sticking open, then it may be necessary to replace the module. This can be handled by checking with an authorized Paramount dealer in your area. I don’t know what area of the country you are from, but if you let me know I can lead to a dealer or our regional manager in that area to for assistance resolving your concerns.

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