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paramount-logoHello everyone!
I am the Southcentral Regional Sales Manager for Paramount Pool and Spa Systems. We are the leading manufacturer of infloor cleaning and circulation systems as well as many products designed to improve a pool owners experience in maintaining and enjoying their pool. Check our our website, www.1paramount.com,  for more information, or feel free to contact me either by posting a comment on this blog, or email me at kurtd@1paramount.com

I’ve put this together with the hope that you will check it out every week or so, or everyday if you like, to see what’s happening with Paramount and you fellow dealers in the Southcentral U.S. Here are some topics you can expect to see covered:

-Product updates

-Service articles on all Paramount products

-Question and Answer sections

-Dealer highlights, including pictures of great pool designs incorporating Paramount Products

-Vendor Partner information

-Passport to Paradise information

-…much more!!

Now, here’s the cool part…If you either have a question or want to add a comment to any of the “posts”, or if you have an idea for a post or page topic to add to the blog, just click on the Page called “Add your ideas”, enter an idea or topic, and I’ll get a new post or page started with that topic. You can also post a comment by clicking on the title of each post, which I hope you will do.

One final tip on using my blog…no matter where you go in the sight, you can get back to the main page by clicking on the home tab at the top of the page above where it says “Kurt’s Paramount Pool and Spa Systems Blog” and it will take you there.   

3 Responses to About the Blog

  1. Ted Ritts says:

    Nice job Dan and everyone at River Oaks, great looking project!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming.

  3. kurtatparamount says:

    You bet. Keep checking out the blog. You can also register to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and we have a corporate blog at our website, http://www.1paramount.com.

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