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Click here for more videos now available at Paramount’s YouTube!

Paramount Dealers, check out this introductory video about BizBoost from Bill Burt.

Here are a number of Paramount Product Videos, plus related vendor partner and industry videos you might be interested in.

PV3 Cleaning and Circulation System

PCC2000 Cleaning and Circulation System

Cyclean Cleaning and Circulation System

Vanquish Vinyl Cleaning and Circulation System

Parascope Telescopic Fountain

Vantage Cleaning System for One Piece Pools (Outstanding  Video Produced By Compass Pools in Australia)

Great Video illustrating the advantages of Pentair’s Variable Flow/Speed Intelliflo Pump

A Paramount Jetpak in Action!

Thanks Klapprodt Pools in Keller, TX:

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  1. kurtatparamount says:

    The nozzles have to be rotated clockwise to be removed (righty loosy…lefty tighty). If you’re still having trouble, try taking a water hose with a strong spray nozzle on it and take it down to the nozzles and spray into the small space between the nozzle and the floor body it is in. You’ll likely see a lot of debris come out which has been binding the nozzle in place. This should make the nozzle easier to remove.

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