Stepclean by Paramount is a new product  that promotes the use of cleaning nozzles (in this case the original Pool Valet nozzle) on steps, benches and in the spa, working in conjunction with a robotic style cleaner, of the dealers choice, to provide a more completely clean pool versus what most pool owners get when they buy just a robotic cleaner.  We have packaged 6 of the original Pool Valet nozzles/bodies with a 3 port, 1 ½ inch water valve at a very advantageous price  (no discounts).  Dealers can purchase additional individual Stepclean nozzle/body kits if needed. This is a stand alone product, only available to licensed Paramount dealers, and has a limited warranty of 2 years on all parts, including nozzles.  It carries no points for our Passport incentive program.

This product allows dealers  to economically include more infloor cleaning capabilities into more of the pools they build, and thereby greatly reducing the maintenance needed in their pools. This product will help us bridge the gap between those builders that put in just a few systems, or no infloor systems, and getting them to start promoting the benefits of infloor cleaning more regularly.  We will require that licensed dealers who choose to use this product, instead of their primary licensed product (be it PV3, PCC2000 or Cyclean) still turn in a plan to our CAD department for an engineered layout.

 For more information on Stepclean, click here for the link to our website

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