Consumer Financing exclusively for Paramount Dealers…Paramount Capital Finance

Paramount Capital Finance (PCF) is under new direction with great new programs coming online soon.  We at Paramount are committed to helping you, our Paramount family of builders,  find your customers competitive and accessible financing for their new pools.  Please contact Scott Pleasant ( or Donetta Alford ( for the latest new programs and offerings from PCF.

Check out

Below is a current summary of program parameters from a number of sources Scott has been working on:

Unsecured Term Loan:

  –5-10 year terms available

     –Unsecured loans $25,000, rates start at 12.99%

     –Unsecured loans up to $50,000(max), rates start at 14.99%

     –720 Fico (will consider scores lower but must have strong compensating factors:

        cash reserves, assets, low debt ratio, etc.)

     –No prepayment penalty and loan fees are from $495-$695

Unsecured Credit Card:

     –All 50 states, up to $25k, rates start at 13.99% (12 mos interest free), 700+ FICO

Secured Programs/Home Improvement Loans

    1. –TX (Houston, Austin metro areas)

     –Home Improvement Loan program to 90 %LTV

     –will do add-back up to 50% of pool price

     –680+ fico

     –15 yr terms available

     –rates start at 7.75% and fees range from $200-$600

     2. –Home Improvement Loan Program, loans from $15k-$100k

     –Max CLTV is 90%

     –Fico of 700+ required and max debt ration is 45%

     –no cash back in hand to cust; all proceeds of loan used toward pool/project

     –6 mos PITI cash reserves required

     –Appraisal required on loan amounts over $50k

     –15yr and 20yr terms available

     –Rates range from 7.5%-9.25%, Fees are up to $1,000 depending if appraisal needed

Secured Programs/2nd Mortgage

    .  —Standard 2nd Mortgages and HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit) available in all

       50 states ( max loan to value varies by state and lender: 70%-75% LTV standard)

Secured Program/1st Mortgage

       –Conventional, FHA and VA 1st mortgage programs in all 50 states    

     –Conventional 1st mortgages will go to 80% ltv for cash out

     –minimum ficos of 620 or better with no derogs on mort or other debt in last 12 mos.

     –low fixed rates

***All programs subject to qualification with

     approved credit and lender guidelines.  All

     programs are subject to change without


295 E. Corporate Pl., Suite 100

Chandler, AZ 85225


T-877.289.3866 ext. 246


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